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Islam (Arabic: الإسلام, Al-Islam (Submission) ‎) is a religion that believes in one God (Allah).All of its teachings and beliefs are written out in the Quran (also spelled Qur’an or Koran), the holy scripture of Islam.

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Anal sex (or sodomy) in Islam is anal intercourse between individuals, of either the opposite or the same sex.

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Sharia, Sharia law or Islamic law is a set of religious principles which form part of the Islamic culture. The Arabic word sharīʿah (Arabic: شريعة ‎) refers to the revealed law of God and originally meant “way” or “path”.

MUHAMMAD, AISHA, ISLAM, AND BRIDES. by Silas. NOTE. I needed to edit and correct this article because I’ve learned some new details. Initially, I believed what many Muslims asserted: Muhammad sexually consummated his marriage to the nine Aisha following her first menstruation.

MUHAMMAD, ISLAM, AND SEX. by Silas “The Prophet of Allah liked three worldly objects – perfume, women and food.” Since 9/11 Islam has been in the news and its founder, Muhammad, is often mentioned. And rightly so, for he is the hub of

In another hadith, it is mentioned that Sadaqah pushes away difficulties and sickness. Hence we may say that duas, sadaqahs, and good …

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Islamic articles and rulings about sex issues. At the time of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), the Sahabah were not too shy to ask about all affairs, including sexual matters, so as to know the teachings of Islam in these matters.

A woman claiming to be the ex-wife of Colonel Gaddafi’s captured son Saif al-Islam has emerged in Ukraine with extraordinary stories alleging domestic and womanising. Nadia, a blue-eyed brunette claims to have met him when she worked as a stripper in a top Moscow nightclub, and says she is

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Divorce in Islam can take a variety of forms, some initiated by the husband and some initiated by the wife. The main traditional legal categories are talaq (repudiation), khulʿ (mutual divorce), judicial divorce and oaths.

Introduction Marriage in Islam Why marry? Marriage and its Connection with Fornication and Homosexuality The Knock-on Effects of Fornication and …