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Gay (same-sex attracted) Christians talk about homosexuality from a biblical perspective. Stories, resources and questions to help gay people, …

Our mission is to proclaim God’s truth as we journey with those seeking sexual and relational wholeness through an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.

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Living Proud LGBTI Community Services of WA (formerly Gay & Lesbian Community Services of WA Inc) is a non-profit organisation which aims to promote the wellbeing of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, intersex, queer and other sexuality, sex and gender diverse people in Western Australia.

Create a life of love, presence, and integrity — at home and in the world. Discover whole-body learning for relationships, genius, and body intelligence.

Austin is one of the most desirable places to live in America and we’re seeing people from all over moving to town in search of a more balanced lifestyle. The

By the way, back in the 1950s, the term “gay” was not the common term used to refer to someone who is homosexual. That’s why the article in the May 1953 issue of American Manhood that’s titled “Living The Gay Life” is not a jokey double entendre.

Theme: A Time to Forgive Talk Title: The Never-Ending Story Speaker: Rev. Kathianne Lewis Music: CSL Celebration Choir

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First Jodie Foster, then Victor Garber. On the heels of the actress’ cryptic Golden Globes coming-out speech, Argo actor Victor Garber has also confirmed that he’s a gay man and has been quietly living with his longtime partner, artist Rainer Andreesen, in New York, E! News confirms. Garber first

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People who are undetectable do not transmit HIV to others. Do people living with HIV know this, and are they acting on it?

In short, you’ll receive a lifetime of wisdom from a master teacher who has helped hundreds of thousands globally to have breakthroughs into living the …