Hand And Foot Rules

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Rules and variations of Hand and Foot Canasta, an American game in which each player has both a hand of cards and a foot, which is picked up when all the cards from the hand have been played.

2 handed Hand & Foot Canasta. There are many variations of this game. No standard set of rules apply. This game follows those rules common to the most popular variations.

Object of the Game: The aim is to get rid of cards from your hand (11 cards), and then from your foot (11 cards), by melding them. A Meld is a set of three to seven cards of equal rank placed face up on the table.

Two handed, triple deck, Hand & Foot Canasta. Hand and Foot is a modern version of the popular game of Canasta, but with a lot of new twists!

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GOCC – HAND AND FOOT CARD GAME RULES . Use one deck of cards (including jokers) for each player. The number of players must be four or six. Partners sit across the table from each other.

Basics / Object of the Game Why “Hand and Foot”? Hand and Foot is a flavor of Canasta. It is called “Hand and Foot” because each player is dealt two sets of cards – the hand, which is played first, and the foot, which is played when all cards in the hand have been played (as detailed below).

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Hand and Foot is a North American game related to canasta. Each player is dealt two sets of cards using one as the “hand” and one as the “foot. There are numerous variations of the game and no “standard” rules, but here’s our favorite way to play.

Hand And Foot Rules 52

Hand and foot card game in which player has to get rid of all his cards. The rules and variations are very similar to Canasta- a popular variant.

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Rules of play for the game of Hand and Foot Canasta, a version of Canasta in which each player is dealt two sets of cards.

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